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A Project helps you organize the cluster resources in a logical grouping. The resources that are created within a project are scoped to that project and not available to other projects. You can also assign users and teams with specific roles to specific projects.

Project Dashboard

The Tenant Admin > Projects page displays the project-related dashboard cards for all projects in the tenant.

Project Card

The Project card shows the status and relevant details of a cluster, grouping information about healthy, unhealthy, and errored clusters. It calculates cluster health by evaluating the health of each node, taking into account factors such as memory and CPU utilization, disk pressure, and network availability. Additionally, it displays the number of clusters imported and those provisioned by Palette.

Cores per Project Usage

By default, the active worker node usage of CPU Cores is grouped across all projects and shown as an hourly interval. You can change the interval value to days or months.

Create a Project

Use the following steps to create a new project.


You can associate users and teams with a project. Check out the Project Association page to learn more.


  • Tenant admin access


  1. Log in to Palette.

  2. Navigate to Tenant Admin > Projects and click the Create Project button.

  3. Fill out the following fields: Name, Description, and Tags to create a Project.


  1. Log in to Palette.

  2. Navigate to Tenant Admin > Projects

Your newly created project is listed along with other existing projects.

Delete a Project

You can remove projects by following these steps.


  • Tenant admin access.

  • No active clusters in the project.

Remove Project

  1. Log in to Palette.

  2. Switch to Tenant Admin scope.

  3. Navigate to the left Main Menu and select Projects.

  4. Locate the project card for the project you want to remove.

  5. Click on the three-dot Menu and select Delete.

  6. A pop-up box will ask you to confirm the action. Confirm the deletion.


You can delete projects with force as long as there are no active clusters. Force deleting will eliminate all resources linked to the project, such as app profiles, cluster profiles, workspaces, audit logs, and custom project settings. However, if a project has active clusters, you must remove them first before deleting the project.


  1. Log in to Palette.

  2. Navigate to Tenant Admin > Projects .

The project you deleted is no longer displayed and available for interaction.