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Profiles are composed of packs, Helm charts, and manifests. Profiles are used to ensure consistency across workload cluster deployments and Palette Virtual Clusters. Simultaneously, they offer the flexibility to tailor deployments to your specific needs.

Palette uses the following profile types:

Cluster profiles - You create cluster profiles to meet specific types of workloads on your Palette cluster deployments. Cluster profiles can span multiple clusters and projects within a tenant or belong to a specific project. For more information about cluster profiles, review Cluster Profiles documentation.

App profiles - You create app profiles to meet specific types of workloads on your Palette Virtual Clusters deployed using Palette Dev Engine (PDE). For information about PDE, check out the Palette Dev Engine reference. For more information about app profiles, review App Profiles documentation.

System profiles - System profiles are applied to the Enterprise cluster, which hosts Palette or Palette VerteX. You cannot create a system profile. However, if you have system console access, there may be unique scenarios, such as upgrading major Palette releases, that require updating a system profile. Our Support team would provide guidance on updating system profiles if needed.


Cluster Profiles

App Profiles